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Ötztal Cycle Trail Tirol Austria

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Thames Cycle Path from the Tower to Greenwich: 15 of 18 LCL videos

Drau - Villach approx. Timetable available on www. On request, we can organise transfers from the airport to the starting point of the cycle tour. Minimum 2 persons. The river passes later in Trentino and continues to Verona for lead at the end of its route in the Adriatic Sea. From Reschen to Verona, along the river Etsch, there is also the cycle path of the Etschtal.

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The cycle path, as well as connect the main countries of the area, offers magnificent views of the fields and orchards in the area, especially during spring. Along the trail you can also reach the romantic city of Verona. The trail covers a total of km and it is almost flat. How people use zebra crossings or respond to them is not always the same in the entire country.

And that is what I experience too; I use these zebra crossings two times per working day as a pedestrian.

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  • In Eindhoven I witnessed different behaviour with different people. All-in-all I think it is wise to create zebra crossings with care. Have them only where they really make sense. Does that make crossing the cycle path more difficult? I think not. The ground rule is to respect each other and that can mean reducing your speed to let people cross the cycle way when you are on your bicycle and sometimes waiting a little to let people pass on the cycleway when you are approaching it on foot.

    This is a problem of spatial awareness. Have you ever taught a young child to cross a road? They tend not to cross if there is a car in sight moving towards them, even if the car is a large distance away and they would be safely over the road long before the car would get to them. Most people develop this awareness as they mature, but some people never do. In fact, it looks like she has decided to wait on the crossing until the man crosses in front of her like the preceding cyclist.

    However, the man expects her to cross, so aims his cycle to the left so that once she is walking he can cycle behind her. The interesting question of course is whether infrastructure should account for these people, and, if so, how?

    Transport Matters

    Great explaining Mark. The NL should really teach road safety to the world — which I know it does try to — and the world should by and large only learn the Dutch philosophy and method. I enjoy watching the livecam at Grote Markt Groningen. Every type of vehicle imaginable is represented plus pedestrians.

    No stop signs, no traffic lights, no zebra stripes, yet everything functions smoothly. Practically miraculous. No running, no dodging, no slamming on brakes. Thanks for this post Mark. This is something I have tried to explain many times in Australia. It is so easy to walk across a bicycle path that usually a zebra crossing is not necessary. Most people understand that it takes extra effort to get going again on the bike.

    Recently there have been two zebra crossings installed across bicycle paths in Brisbane. When there is a large number of people walking across, most people riding will stop. But when there is only one or two pedestrians most riders will just slow down a little to let them through, or the person walking will slow down a little to let the rider through, even though people walking have priority.

    Regards Jon. Pingback: How hard is it to cross the cycle path?

    They insist on bicycles coming to a full stop before they cross the road! As shown in the picture. Pedestrians who are not bicyclist do not understand a very, very important sign from a bicyclist saying to please proceed with crossing: the bicyclist stops pedalling.

    Just look at the legs of the bicyclist. Do they stop moving all of a sudden? This means the bicyclist is ready to brake. Perhaps already slowing down.

    Cycle Path Markings

    Aiming for a spot about a meter behind where you, as a pedestrian, will be if you continue walking at the current pace. The suggested happy trajectory for both is then completely destroyed! And ran back to safety on the sidewalk. While there was no danger to begin with!

    The whole situation is then summarised by the bicyclist with expletives or some mumbling. Again, this is not entirely addressed at the tourist, but the bicyclist also regrets to have misjudged the situation. If only these pedestrians would understand bicyclists! The situation confirms the misunderstanding that the bicyclist tries to intimidate the pedestrian, asif the bicyclist was a motorist their frame of reference.

    What a terrible shame…. Having spent many years in the Netherlands, it is quite frustrating for those of us who have experienced the smooth flow of pedestrian and bike traffic in the Netherlands. However, as the bike culture here in New York continues to grow and it is growing! I think I agree.

    Local Mountain Biking

    Do you have somewhere arround the original source of the first flowchart? Good post Mark but one thing that always comes up back in the UK with this is that someone who is visually impaired not necessarily blind and using a stick often has to cross a cycle lane to get to a push button signalised road crossing and this is perceived as not an easy thing to do, especially as bikes are so quiet.

    I think you have to look at sight specifics but say in a high street environment or near a hospital this is something where a bit of extra assistance would be welcome for these people who to the cyclist may not have an obvious disability.

    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path
    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path
    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path
    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path
    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path
    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path
    The Cycle Path The Cycle Path

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