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However, if you're publishing other resources, arrays won't help. It doesn't work on Win2K Server. NLB works well, but has some limitations:. It provides all the benefits without any of the drawbacks. RainWall supports both inbound and outbound requests right out of the box.

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The thing I like best about RainWall is that it is software based and doesn't require any special hardware. This makes it very easy to add more ISA servers on the fly. I've deployed RainWall several times. It's a very easy install.

Wish to Make your Website Hack-Proof? Apply these 5 Security Measures

Start to finish is about 20 to 30 minutes, including the reboots. When you install RainWall on the first node, you're asked for the new cluster name and number, node number, and for the IP addresses to be used for internal requests, external requests and cluster communication heartbeat. For the sake of comparison, make it a server daemon as well. Opensource developers usually work of their own free will. Basically, opensource guys are making the software for themselves and thus want it to do exactly what they need it for. Simply because they do not have deadlines, pressure from clients or managers, etc.

Pretty often, the hacker ish crowd will also look at the source code to find the bug, maybe even fix it. Or fix it. Once this piece of opensource software is more widely adopted, the user base will grow. The number of people working on it will grow. The number of people that are concerned about bugs will grow. Not always so.

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You need to push it and see where it breaks. Also, there are many non-obvious holes that do not reveal themselves unless you check the sources. A great example of this would be backdoors in commercial software. How can you know that closed source software does not have backdoors?

Although, it would be stupid to suggest that you download the sources and scan them for backdoors before compiling everything. That is not humanly possible.

watch But if you ever have doubts, you CAN. If you ever have doubts about which is more secure: closed source or open source, then just look at the track record of pre-security-policy-change Microsoft and any major opensource product out there. There are still tons of Win9x machines out there with their entire drives shared to the outside world. Emphasis is usually not put on security. Opensource software is engineered for the community by the community.

People who write it are the people who use it. Spend some money on competent admins, folks! Are you saying Bush was right in funding and helping Al Qaida to attack his own citizens, and that killing innocent Americans is okay if it persuades the people to bomb a known terrorist for economic interests? This zone-h. I would venture a guess that more than half of the web site owners in the world have never heard of zone-h. Their database appears to expose no information to validate how many site admins would notify them. Plus how many defacements go totally unreported to the public?

Since most Windows web hosts are commercial they are more likely to keep up with a notification database, but the vast majority of the public web is on BSD and Linux and probably not notifying anyone. I wonder if it is a Windows box? Well at least, my dear linux trolls seem to stay rock stable. Old mantra repetition again and again. Obviously the linux trolls are surprised. Eventually, the linux troll are no more secured than Linux ;-.

The main point is : open-source systems are at the same security level some times a little bit over, some times under than the other one. This is the main reason for the current internet hacking centered on linux box. They had to make a choice… and they had choose ;-. Anyway, only vicious want to hack this poor kernel whithout even a decent threading capabilities.

It would be entirely wrong if it were true…. Quick question. How do you evaluate what OS and software the server is running? Very often, people have things behind a firewall that runs Linux and forwards port And very often, people fake their server version info in http headers. By the way, have you ever counted how many times microsoft.

No operating system can be more secure then the admin makes it. The graphs basically say that Linux admins are getting more stupid.

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It means that more non-technical users are using Linux. When done correctly, I garentee no Linux box could be hacked. Just go into a Linux IRC help channel, look at some of the questions asked, then tell me many of those people are intelligent. These serveys are moronic. What distro are they using for the test? What firwall rules are being used on these boxes? What services are being used? Linux is only a kernel. Its the distro that makes it secure, the kernel supports features that allow you to make it secure, but its only a kernel.

This is simply a joke to me. Why do OSNews readers waste time arguing the merits of a report from mi2g when they offer only buzzwords in ridiculously clumsy phrases and hyperbole to back up their claims? Scouring the web, we find that in the mids, mi2g started off as an e-business enabler focused on operating portal sites such as Carlounge. Com and Lawlounge. One wonders what new market mi2g will be exploiting three years from now.

Someone is lying here.

I left FightBot HACK on for 1 HOUR on my server & went afk...

Has anyone else been following the Netcraft surveys? Things change by maybe a couple percent max. Check out this analysis of mi2g:. We would appreciate it if OSNews would disclose any commercial bias that may now exist. The actual facts that are hidden in this marketing exercise of a report are too vague to draw any conclusions in the Windows vs Linux debate.

Hack Proofing Win2k Server Hack Proofing Win2k Server
Hack Proofing Win2k Server Hack Proofing Win2k Server
Hack Proofing Win2k Server Hack Proofing Win2k Server
Hack Proofing Win2k Server Hack Proofing Win2k Server
Hack Proofing Win2k Server Hack Proofing Win2k Server
Hack Proofing Win2k Server Hack Proofing Win2k Server

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